Inline Silencer (pressure silencer) and Reactive silencer







a) Inline Silencer (pressure silencer)

This silencer work acc. to the splitter silencer system as described in the chapter “splitter silencer”.
This silencer will be used inside pressure piping systems to reduce the noise from valves, compressors, pumps, etc. 
The absorbers must be calculated dependent from the media (pressure, sort of media, temperature, density).  

The internal splitters must be designed for higher streaming forces and this is the reason why we use the following set up:

- concentrical splitter rings

- frames out of 2,0mm sheet metal galvanised or stainless steel
- Absorbing material out of mineral fibre (not flammable acc. DIN 4102 Kl. A) with sufficient density
- Abrasive protection with 1 layer glassilk and 1 layer SS narrow meshed wire mesh
- cover with perforated sheet metal 2,0 mm galvanized or SS 

NOTE: Pressure vessel directive: 

The vessels of the pressure silencers are in most cases subject to a pressure equipment directive: 

1.Classification of vessel acc. to conformity diagrams (PED 97/23/EG)
2.Definition of testing procedures by means of the Modul categories
3.Calculation acc. to AD 2000
4.If applicable pre – approval of drawings through TÜV
5.test and PAC in acc. with Modul categories







b) Reactive Silencer (Resonator) 

The reactive silencer type is used, where noise at low frequencies (with high energy) or noise with tonal components must be reduced.
The reactive silencer can be used inside pressure piping or exhaust system connected with the environment.
Reactive silencers can be designed only for reducing the noise of specific frequency band, e.g. a number of fans x rotation.
To reduce in addition higher or other frequency noise an absorption part will become necessary which leads to a combined reactive – absorption silencer.

Your RFQ:

To work out a quotation, we need the following information:

1.type of machine and power
2.rotations per minute
3.Number of fans, impellers, teeth of gear-wheel
5.kind of medium
7.pipe connection

The advantages are:

a)main frequency band noise will be reduced effectively
b)other frequency noise will be reduced in addition (broad band)

From the outside you can see no difference to a reactive silencer:

Main application:
Roots compressors
Heating exhaust duct
piston or screw type compressors