Splitter Absorbing Silencers

In cases where noise emitted from air inlet or exhaust openings must be reduced effectively Splitter Absorbing Silencers are used.
Such silencers (attenuators) consists out of a rectangular or cylindrical casing with sound reducing internals (splitters or baffles).
The noisy fluid (air, gas or steam) is streaming through the gaps of the splitters,while the noise waves are penetrating the absorber material of the splitters.
The sound waves will be absorbed (reduced) è attenuation, damping. The difference between the loud inlet and attenuated outlet is called insertion loss.
The set up and the dimensions of the silencer splitters depends on streaming situation of the fluid and acoustic requirements.










Generally the set up of the splitters are as follows:

Sound reducing items acc. to noise requirements; acoustic lining with frames and Frames and stiffeners out of G.I or SS steel sheets 1,5mm or 2,0mm
absorbing material (not flammable acc. to DIN 4102 Kl. A) with sufficient density
protection with 1 layer glassilk and 1 layer SS ? wire mesh
perforated sheets out of galvanized or stainless steel sheets 1,0 mm